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Friends Of OGT Program

Maine Operation Game Thief has instituted a “Friends Of OGT” program, this is for people who believe strongly in the mission of Operation Game Thief and “Protecting all of Maine’s Natural Resources”. Maine OGT is a private 501 C3 nonprofit and is an all-volunteer organization that strives to prevent wildlife abuse. We assist the Maine Warden Service , Maine Marine Patrol , & Wildlife Crimestoppers

They all need your support and to be the eyes and ears to help them catch the wildlife abusers and poachers. This is a private program to support our wildlife law enforcement, and is not publicly funded in any way. All funds used to pay rewards from our "tip hotline" are raised privately through OGT's "Annual Spring Fund Drive" and other fundraising events. We also provide public awareness and outreach programs with our "Wall of Shame" wildlife trailers.

Becoming a "Friend of OGT" helps us administer the programs annually in support of wildlife. Our largest budget item is the reward dollars paid to anonymous tips received through our "Hotline" program. These tips are generally regarding poaching issues but can also be for other wildlife violations as well. Maine OGT has awarded thousands of dollars annually since 1989 to people who anonymously report these violations.

Friends of the OGT will help us "spread the word" about OGT, support OGT at local events, call when they see something suspicious and support us financially when possible. Please consider becoming a "Friend" of Maine wildlife by supporting our program and making a donation to our cause. Check out our website as well as social media for more details on our programs and how you can help.


Along with your donation you will receive the following:

$25 Donation - OGT Newsletter /Decal/ License Holder /Hat
$50 Donation - OGT Newsletter /Decal/ License Holder /Hat/Challenge Coin


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Maine's fish and wildlife resources appreciate your support!

Volunteers Wanted!

If you have interest in becoming more involved, we have volunteering opportunities as well as being a member of our resource council, for more information please email us at:

We appreciate your help!


Another great way to show your support!
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OGT Supporter Decal
OGT Supporter Decal - $2.00

Friends of OGT Hats and License Holder

OGT License Holder
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OGT Hats - $12.00

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Friends Of OGT Coins
OGT Challenge Coin - $20.00


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