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How Operation Game Thief Is Funded

Operation Game Thief (OGT) is supported solely through donations from concerned citizens, civic groups, established Maine businesses and sportsmen and women who love Maine's fish and wildlife resources. There are no state monies used in the program whatsoever. Since 1989, well over $70,000 in rewards have been paid to concerned citizens who reported acts of poaching to OGT, with all of these monies coming from donations. The Board of Directors of OGT, all non-paid volunteers, work diligently throughout the year on fundraising efforts, but the program also depends on the generosity of citizens.

The costs of administering the program (phone lines, computers, advertising, the Wall of Shame Trailer, etc.) are supported solely through donations.

Many times over the course of the years, citizens who have qualified for rewards have asked that the reward be donated back to the program helping to sustain funding. Regardless, the rewards are there for citizens who report fish and wildlife violations and a summons is issued or arrest made for this information.

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