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What we do...

Maine Operation Game Thief (Maine OGT) is a private, non-profit organization that works with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Warden Service to pay rewards to citizens who turn in poachers. Rewards of up to $1,000, based on severity, are paid for information that leads to the arrest or summons being issued for a fish or wildlife violation. Rewards of up to $2,000 are paid for information that leads to the arrest or summons being issued to individuals unlawfully introducing non-native fish species into Maine’s waters. In all cases, the caller remains anonymous and does not have to reveal their name or testify in court.

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Did you know...

• In the entire state of Maine, there are only 95 district game wardens so fish and wildlife needs your eyes and ears to report known or suspected violators.

What should be reported?
The poaching of fish or wildlife, the illegal shooting or taking of protected species, the illegal introduction of non-native fish species to Maine's waters or the abuse of private property. All of these infractions rob legitimate sportsmen and women, conservationists and anyone who enjoys Maine of a valuable resource - our fish and wildlife.

• Poachers are nothing less than thieves. Wildlife crimes affect us all, whether we are hunters, anglers, bird watchers or just someone who enjoys walking in the woods.

Poachers may kill almost as many animals and fish as legitimate hunters and anglers take during legal seasons. If poachers kill only half that number each year, the problem is serious. Threatened, endangered and non-game wildlife also are subject to the poacher.


If you value hunting or fishing or just watching our fish and wildlife resources,
you owe it to yourself to report those who illegally take these resources.

Remember, good fish and wildlife law enforcement is everybody's responsibility.
If you see a violation, report it!

Latest News...

Maine OGT Announces Partnership With Maine Marine Patrol

April 30, 2014
The Board of Directors for Maine Operation Game Thief are happy to announce a new partnership with the Maine Marine Patrol effective immediately.... read more


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